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Inspection Services

  • Home inspections are performed in accordance with OAHI and CAHPI Standards of Practice
  • Visual inspection and thorough examination of all visible and accessible components of the property including structural and operating systems.
  •  Inspection tools such as a Thermal Imaging camera, high resolution moisture meter are used.
  • Home inspections approx 3 hours in length depending on the property.
  • Within 24 hours (although usually within 3-4 hours) from completion of the home inspection, the client receives a comprehensive report electronically, which includes photos and recommendations.
  • A hard copy report is optional.

The scope of each home inspection includes the following:

  • ROOF INSPECTION – type and condition of roof covering, flashing, chimney exterior ( Winter weather may restrict full inspection )
  • EXTERIOR INSPECTION – type and condition of walls, decks, eaves-troughs, lot grading, retaining walls, windows, doors and frames, foundation exterior,
  • STRUCTURAL/FOUNDATION INSPECTION – description and condition of basement / crawlspace including foundation walls, floor structure, roof and attic components
  • ELECTRICAL INSPECTION– type of service and condition of panel, circuits, switches, receptacles
  • HOME HEATING INSPECTION – details of the type and condition of the heating system
  • AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM INSPECTION– details of the type and condition of the AC system (seasonal)
  • INSULATION INSPECTION – type and amount of insulation in the attic, basement and walls  ( where possible )
  • PLUMBING INSPECTION – description and condition of the supply and waste water piping plus components such as hot water heater, sinks, faucets, bathtubs and toilets
  • INTERIOR INSPECTION – details and condition of the floor, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, cabinets; evidence of water / moisture entry; presence of mold ( visual );
  • ATTIC INSPECTION – type and amount of insulation ( R-Value), presence of soffit venting, presence of roof venting, venting of bathrooms fans to exterior, proper insulation / material of bathroom vent lines.
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