To ensure you are making the right purchase and that you are fully informed, we perform a Thermal Imaging scan on most of the walls and ceilings in your home. We focus on those areas that can be suspect in a home.  We do not charge extra for this activity, some inspection companies do.   Here are examples of what you see versus what we would see in an inspection.

The general wall and ceiling temperature was approx. 19- 20 degrees; as you can see from the scans there were several areas that exhibited a much lower temperature.  In an analysis during the inspection, we further check these specific areas for moisture content using a high sensitivity moisture meter because a thermal change can be either a “cold spot” limited insulation OR a moist area.

It is always value to the client to understand where they might wish to upgrade insulation;  loss of heat equates to higher energy costs.  We offer this service to not only clients making a home purchase but also to those who need assistance in reducing their energy costs in their existing homes.

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