• Pest-Proofing Your Air Conditioner

    Pest-Proofing Your Air Conditioner

    Mice and other pests are often attracted to the outside AC unit because it’s a comfortable, protective environment.

    When mice and other critters get into your outdoor AC unit, they can do a lot of damage. These critters can chew up the internal wiring causing the system to stop working. The chewed wiring can even become a potential fire problem. Sometimes birds can also decide to nest in the unit and often get stuck in the fans.

    To prevent pests from taking over the outdoor AC unit and the problems associated with this, take these steps:

    1. Turn off the condenser breaker

      If your AC Electrical Breaker in your Main Electrical Panel ( breaker panel ) is left switched on during Winter, it will maintain the oil in your AC compressor pump at a warm temperature.  One of the reasons animals are attracted to the external AC unit during winter is because of it being a warm zone and usually with a cover over the unit to protect from wind.   What to do:  
      1. Turn off the Ac electrical breaker in your main electrical panel so it does not stay warm. Also consider getting rid of the insulating cover if one was used previously.
      2. Place a wood board with a brick on top to eliminate heavy snow and ice forming on the AC blades at top of AC unit.   This will prevent any imbalance of  the blades.
      3. Important:  when summer comes along and its time to use your AC system do the following;
        1. Switch on your electrical breaker for AC system at main panel
        2. Wait 8 hours for your system to warm up ( remember that oil compressor pump needing to be warm )
        3. After completing i) and ii), Use your wall mounted controller to set the AC to “ON” and set appropriate temperature
        4. Failure to set up in Summer as above may result in damage to your AC system
    2.  Clear the surrounding area from bushes and tree branches

    Animals live in vegetation. If the unit is surrounded by bushes or trees, animals are more likely to investigate the AC unit. Keep a large area around the unit clear from any type of vegetation. Clearing vegetation also assists in proper cooling and operation of unit. in Summer periods.