• Reasons to Choose London Home Inspectors  :   Home Inspector London

    Our motto is "Be aware before you buy!"

    We are part of an elite group of Home Inspectors with an RHI designation, accredited through the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI.com), dedicated to providing you a focused and in-depth home inspection. Be assured that your future home will be inspected as if it was my own purchase. 

    WE KNOW  that buying a new home can be very stressful and that the last thing you need is unknown, additional costs after you purchase your new home. Our in depth inspection will report on all major and safety concerns to keep you safe and ensure you are aware of future costs. 

    WE TAKE THE TIME during the home inspection to help you understand how your home works and what needs to be done to keep it operational.  This is most valuable to new home owners and even second home buyers.

    OUR COMPREHENSIVE REPORT with digital photos will provide an understanding of our findings and recommendations for repairs.

    OUR FOCUS ON YOU is to ensure that you are properly informed and have all the relevant info to make that important purchase decision.

    OUR COMPETITIVE PRICING offers you a professional unbiased detailed report.

    REPAIR REQUEST GENERATOR - easily make a pdf report to request concessions or repairs from sellers.

    PERFORM YOUR DUE DILIGENCE - You do not want to place your trust and financial commitment in an unqualified home inspector. Currently this is not a licensed profession; anyone can claim to be a home inspector.  Use only a qualified inspector such as an RHI -  Registered Home Inspector.  Click here for a list of OAHI inspectors (LINK)

    OUR PROMISE TO YOU:  100% GUARANTEE  No client has ever been dissatisfied with our service, however, if at the end of the home inspection you are unsatisfied, we will refund any fees paid.