• When to consider walking away from a Home Inspection

    When to consider walking away from a Home Inspection

    There are probably a few defects where one should consider walking away and I suppose if you have the right amount of money to make repairs then anything  is possible.  But, in general, a home buyer is maximizing their purchasing power with a down payment and mortgage to attain that special home; there is not always money left over for major upgrades or repairs.

    So, drum roll please!   In my professional opinion, a basement that has foundation cracks which are cracked horizontally and not vertically can be a serious defect and warrants a special process to repair.  You as a buyer may not want the expense of the repair and the Seller may not have the money or wish to invest.  Both sides might walk away from the deal with the Seller hoping that the next potential buyer may not use a professional home inspector ( RHI ) and therefore not be aware of the significance of a foundation which has horizontal cracks. 

    So, what are horizontal foundation cracks and why are they a major significance? 

    The basement and its foundation are generally below ground and the soil around the home is constantly pressing on the exterior foundation walls.  The pressure is considerable and where the foundation is cracked horizontally it will bow the foundation wall and cause separation between the upper and lower sections.   The result is that over time the wall will collapse. 

    There are some 3rd parties who claim they can make the necessary repairs to preserve the foundation BUT they are expensive and I for one question the longevity and warranty of the repair. It comes done to expense and whether you as a buyer are willing to take that chance. 

    For Home Inspectors that do not have the experience in the trade this type of defect may be overlooked resulting in not being reported.  Be safe and use a Registered Home Inspector ( RHI ) for your Home Inspection. 

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